Loomie Town

About Loomies

There isn't much known about loomies. 
But what is knows, was hard information to come by. 
Loomies are quite reclusive.
There are 8 differant types of Loomies,
that all have their own special characteristics!
Small Loomie Small Loomies are  about the size of a small kitten. They have shorter legs and a shorter body than most loomies.
Long Loomie Long Loomies are a bit larger than Small Loomies, and have a slightly longer body and tail.
Tall Loomie Tall Loomies are the longest Loomies. They are knows for sitting upright on their hind legs, and streching to make themselves as tall as possible.
Water Loom Water Looms have no wings. But don't worry, they can still get around like any other loomie! They also have very large whisker like antennas and a fin tail.
Buggie Buggies are a small type of Loomie that have one extra pair of legs, and wings! They can come in all sorts of colors, but usually resemble a real bug! Some are also knows for their great camouflages.
Persian ??????????
Gobbler ??????????
Stretchie ??????????
Loomies are silly little
creatures who love to play
and joke around! They can
be quite reclusive and
secretive. But if you can
gain a loomies trust, they are 
such amazing friends.
They will always be there for
you, if you ever need a cuddle,
or a cute face to hold.
But loomies arent always
fun and games. They also
have important job helping
everyone fall asleep at night!
They may bring back an
occasional nik-nak, but hey,
its not stealing...think of it more as....payment for
their services!
For the most part, loomies
and daynines get along just
fine! But there are some
wicked loomies and daynines
who don't have peoples best
intrest at heart.