Loomie Town


Do you have any map peices to give me? If so, thats great! Every donation is appreciated! We all have to work together so we can make more maps!
My name is Auto, and im in charge of making sure you know the basics to Loomie Night Life!
Loomies have an important job of going home to home at night, making sure everyone can fall asleep. Its important that we cover all areas so that everyone can have a good nights rest! We take out job very seriously....but there are the occasional things we find and like to take home with us.
We have a saying, it doesn't hurt to have some fun while you work! While out, you may find some cool leaves, and the occasional pretty rock. But sometimes you can find some cool nik-nacks in the rooms of the people you help sleep! Its not stealing, think of it more as....a payment for our services!

If you want to know more about Loomie Night Life, check the commonly asked questions below!
Commonly asked questions:
  • How often can my loomie go to work?
         -Your loomie can work once a day, every day!

  • Will my loomie find something every day?
          -There is a chance that your loomie will not find anything while out.

  • How do I get map pieces?
          -Map pieces are found when loomies go out to work. There is a chance they will find one.

  • Who is the Tooth Fairy?
          -I have no idea......

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